Hi! My name is Emma Anderson and I am a sophomore here at App State. My major is History/Social Studies Education!

Since seeing the movie for the first time at age five, which probably wasn’t the best, I have been in love with the movie Grease. This obsession sparked my passion for music and its relationship with older historical periods in the US, later connecting me to Hamilton. I promise I’m not all musicals though, as I love Drake, Baby Keem, and alternative bands such as Laundry Day equally if not even more. I don’t have a favorite color, it truly depends on the day, but I know I intensely hate the color red (sorry to any red lovers). Three words I would use to describe myself are passionate, adaptive, and loyal.

One thing I am excited and hopeful to learn about in this class is the ability to connect with students on “their level” with technology, making history much more engaging and interesting. I think, so far, sources like Zotero and the ability to bring “informal” tech such as blogs to the classroom help with interaction and engagement. Excited about what’s to come in the upcoming weeks!