Hi! I’m Oliver, or Oli!

I’m an APH major, going for a minor in German. My favorite video game series is Dragon Age, and I love many other RPGs, both tabletop RPGs and single player video games. 

My favorite parts of history are the histories of different minorities in the United States, queer history, anything to do with Germanic and Irish history and mythology, and Ancient Greek history.

I’m hoping to learn how to use media that aren’t powerpoint or google docs, and practice working in a group towards a common goal. Museum and library work both require collaboration, and engaging your audience. I can’t remember ever seeing a powerpoint in a library or museum. I’m going to have to be flexible. Hopefully, this class will help!

Have a picture of one of my pups, a pittie mix named Mojo (I have two other pets, a papillon named Toby, and a gray and white cat named Loki):