HIS 3630: THNM


In Teaching History in the Digital Age, we will analyze how new media and digital tools have changed the teaching of the past. The “digital shift” of the last two decades has raised interesting possibilities and questions about how we can research, write, learn, and teach about history. Today, history educators reach wide audiences online in multiple ways: via websites, digitized collections, e-books & journals, social media, online courses, and webinars (to name a few).

Our main task this semester is to develop a series of projects – with lesson/ implementation plans – that harness the potential of digital tools to teach history. Whether your career path involves public or private education, curriculum development, museum studies, government or NGO work, the heart of this course revolves around the same questions: “How do audiences engage with the past online?” “In what ways can educators promote historical inquiry through digital tools and new media?”

By the end of this semester, you will feel better prepared to teach about the past in an increasingly digital world. You will explore the challenges and potential that new technologies offer us as we think about ways to “do” history online

Primary Objective

To explore the intersection of technology, history, and the public

Other Objectives
  • To evaluate the ways in which digital tools can re-imagine the teaching and learning of history
  • To identify technology for best engaging audiences (students/web users/gen. public)
  • To develop a sense of your own “digital” identity