Hi, My name is Caroline Phocas. I am a sophomore majoring in history education from Davidson, NC. My favorite color would probably be either blue or purple. I love romantic comedies and comedies which I have always felt weird about because I should be a history buff. However, I also love some history movies like 1917 and Hacksaw Ridge. Both of these movies are in a period of history that I love. I love learning about both of the World Wars as well as the French Revolution, and the Korean and Vietnam wars. Colonial history is also something that I have taken a recent appreciation in.

One thing I hope to get out of this class is a better understanding of technology. I want to learn how to work technology better, but also how to teach history in a fun and engaging way. My history classes in middle and high school were so boring it made people not want to learn. It is so important to learn about history and in order to get students engaged it needs to be taught in an engaging way. Technology seems like a way to help engage students and show them the importance of history.