“As instructors, we try to find new and original ways to make history more engaging to our students, to foster connections to source material, and to show that the skills developed through the study of history are transferable to nearly all disciplines.”

The last part of the quote is what really stuck out to me. As mentioned in the article, most students believe learning history is just facts and being able to remember something for that test and then move on and forget about it. This makes them feel as if they are not good at learning the material and that it is not that important. Something that I want to do as a teacher as well as help others realize is that skills learned through the study of history can be used in many different aspects. You learn without even realizing it. It also further proves that history is not just facts and shows the true importance behind it.

“(2) It is presented in a personal or first-person voice in a way that conveys an emotional connection between the subject and author.”

The quote above was in a list of seven components of good digital storytelling. While I think the whole list is important and something that should be followed, number two stood out to me the most. I think this is often forgotten in that most people think that this would be important to include. I think making it personal or first-person is something that is extremely beneficial for students regardless of how they learn best. It reminds me of texting where it is hard to see the emotion behind the screen, but when it is presented in a personal way, you can connect better with it as well as see the true emotion behind it.

“Through the use of music and images, my students were able to convey complex emotional layers that would not be easily translated into words; their digital story became a vehicle for emotions.”

Allowing students to convey their thoughts with things other than words, like music and images, can help a student be more involved as well as express themselves better. Through my own education journey, I have seen people use an example of music or an image any chance they get because they are passionate about it. When they are passionate about it then it is easier for them to want to really convey what they are thinking instead of writing a bunch of words they think the professor will want to hear or having no emotional connection to the words they write.