(Week 5) Social Media in the classroom

As we get older it gets easier and easier to critique the younger generation over unfamiliar things. Today students of my generation are being ridiculed for being too addicted to social media. However as future teachers I say its not our job to judge and punish these kids for their interests but to adapt. After reading Alyssa Maldonado-Estrada’s article on the use of Instagram in the classroom I think it’s a perfect example of how to effectively blend social media into a learning environment. In essence she made her class make new Instagram accounts which they used to express their […]

Social Media’s Place in Education

While sitting in one of my classes, it dawned on me that by the time I’ve entered my career field It’d be many years removed from my experiences as a high school student. It’s an obvious thought, I know, but I believe that it is important. Whenever I’m learning about teaching methods I always try to apply them to my previous academic experiences, which is important because I have made it my personal goal to ensure each student in my class doesn’t act like me at their age. I want to engage students and hopefully, find some future History Ed […]

Classroom Social Media

I never have been much of a social media fan in my personal life and mostly tend to stay away from it. Even though I am not a frequent social media user I know that many people in our society are using it every day and I know that it can be a very useful resource inside the classroom. I have only had one teacher in my high school career that used social media inside the classroom and the only thing he did was show us tweets from government officials and the class discussed it. I really liked the idea […]

Social Media in My Classroom

According to a lot of people, including my parents and past teachers, social media is this generations biggest flaw. We’re on it too much. We don’t live in the “real world.” We only care about what’s on our screens. And worst of all, it controls our lives. These are all things I’ve heard time and again, and all by people who can only see social media as the hypothetical monkey on our back, controlling our every move and not allowing us to function as human beings. However, I think that as this wave of “social media addicted” adults are entering […]

Teachers using Social Media

When I was in high school many of my teachers did not use social media as a tool to use in the classroom. We were not allowed to have out our phones or even access social media while in a school setting. It amazed me why teachers did not use Twitter or Instagram in the classroom to help engage their students more with their lessons, especially in this age of technology and the advancements and changes happening in society with the use of technology.  Schools have drilled into their student’s minds that using social media to get information for projects […]

Social Media in the Classroom

I graduated from high school in 2017, while I was in school social media for education was not considered a good idea and the only reason the high school had a twitter was to tell students that school was closed due to weather. Since then it seems like schools have taken a leap forward in using social media as a tool rather than seeing it as a nuisance. Micheal Clark is a high school social studies teacher in his article 10 tips to Using Twitter in a Social Studies Classroom he illustrates how Twitter can be used effectively in a […]

Social Media as a Teaching Tool

                All throughout my time in public school social media was shunned in the classroom. I could not have my phone out or go on social media (there were some classes that were more relaxed but these are the exception) and I remember a lot of warnings against cyberbullying or how social media can affect teenage brains. Of course, social media can be a huge distraction for students and can affect the learning environment depending on how students use it, however educators rarely have the opportunity to think critically about social media with students. With my years of spite built […]

Using Social Media as a Historian

In my previous posts, I have expressed my love for Twitter. I love Twitter for many reasons. For starters, I am a huge sports fan, so all of the news regarding contracts and trades go to Twitter first typically. I also use Twitter to catch up on my local news and the national news. The best thing about Twitter is its ability to communicate with so many people. While there can be a very negative presence on Twitter, a history classroom setting could benefit from the social media platform. The Michael Clark article had some very interesting tips relating to […]