Omeka Projects

It comes as no surprise to hear of better alternatives to writing essays. That being said, writing papers do have some saving graces: if it’s a good prompt, then allowing students to write can allow them to truly process the materials. My own personal experience throughout High School had very little “good prompts”. At their worst, they’re spaces where students proved they’ve done a reading by regurgitating said information onto the page, throwing in some large margins, and hoping their instructor doesn’t realize that they’ve increased the font size ever-so-slightly to make their work look more impressive. One of these […]

Social Media’s Place in Education

While sitting in one of my classes, it dawned on me that by the time I’ve entered my career field It’d be many years removed from my experiences as a high school student. It’s an obvious thought, I know, but I believe that it is important. Whenever I’m learning about teaching methods I always try to apply them to my previous academic experiences, which is important because I have made it my personal goal to ensure each student in my class doesn’t act like me at their age. I want to engage students and hopefully, find some future History Ed […]