(Week 5) Social Media in the classroom

As we get older it gets easier and easier to critique the younger generation over unfamiliar things. Today students of my generation are being ridiculed for being too addicted to social media. However as future teachers I say its not our job to judge and punish these kids for their interests but to adapt. After reading Alyssa Maldonado-Estrada’s article on the use of Instagram in the classroom I think it’s a perfect example of how to effectively blend social media into a learning environment. In essence she made her class make new Instagram accounts which they used to express their thoughts on the readings, post photos or even create memes. In doing this they allowed their students to creatively express themselves on a platform they know well. This ability to adapt and create new and engaging ways to learn is a especially important skill in our ever changing world. However knowing how to use social media in a classroom setting is another topic although as its both a wonderful learning tool but if used incorrectly it can be a disaster. Hannah Hudson article on 10 different ways to use Instagram in the classroom gives some excellent ideas that would work well in a classroom setting. We as future teacher can use these to build a new connection to our students through social media which will benefit their learning experience in a major way.

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  1. Hey Andrew! I definitely agree with you on the implementation of Instagram in the classroom. The methods mentioned in Maldonado-Estrada’s piece was insightful and loved the idea of using the story function to display information is what stuck out to me, but the idea of making students make their own accounts is really useful too! It’d definitely help instill confidence in students through increasing their technological literacy. My only concern(which could very well be exclusive to me so just lmk!) is that in a high school classroom, I don’t know how well we’d be able to apply these readings. Not only because many schools I know use content-control software, but also because I worry about the level of engagement that would be present in a high school classroom. Then again I guess in part that latter half would be up to us, but I’d love to know your thoughts about it!

  2. Hey Andrew, I think implementing Instagram into the classroom is also a great idea. The use of social media is important because it can be a new way for students to learn while also teaching them how to properly use social media. Instagram could be useful when analyzing historical photos and other documents, while also allowing students to comment and discuss with other students about their post. I also agree that the use of social media will allow the teacher to connect with the students in new ways. There is a lot of great insight here.

  3. Andrew, I think it is a good idea to use Instagram partially because I am not a fan of Twitter and would rather look at nice pictures rather than read a string of tweets. I think students will as well in that article she even talked about how students enjoyed editing and making the pictures. It makes the content more fun. I also liked how you touched on older people are set in their ways about technology. Social media allows us to connect in new ways and once people see that it will be much easier. I also am concerned about how to implement social media in the classroom as well, you mentioned historical photographs and I think that is a great start. There is a lot we can do but implementing it will be the harder part.

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