Social Media’s Place in Education

While sitting in one of my classes, it dawned on me that by the time I’ve entered my career field It’d be many years removed from my experiences as a high school student. It’s an obvious thought, I know, but I believe that it is important. Whenever I’m learning about teaching methods I always try to apply them to my previous academic experiences, which is important because I have made it my personal goal to ensure each student in my class doesn’t act like me at their age. I want to engage students and hopefully, find some future History Ed majors sitting at my desks. Regarding this, I found these readings to be pretty insightful!
Through social media platforms, academics have been able to create approachable communities for students and enthusiasts alike. Sikarskie’s utilization of Facebook provides a place that breaks down a lot of barriers the public might encounter when delving into the history or significance of some of their favorite hobbies. The concept laid out to us about the Quilt Index reminded me of some of the recommended tips for a class-based Twitter, specifically the concept of trying to inspire students to explore the service more using their search function. Many of the followers of the Quilt Index’s page were quilt enthusiasts, who either had useful insight to contribute towards the project or came to deepen their understanding of some of their hobbies. I couldn’t think of many better ways to try to better captivate students than to have them dive into the histories of some of their own hobbies! This could be done either through inciting students to search for pre-existing accounts that delve into their interests, or perhaps even using other methods such as a small deep dive done by students in an Instagram story post, which I understand isn’t quite the context of Barth’s application, however, I believe that it still captures the spirit of the idea.
In terms of methods I can see myself implementing within the classroom, the reading that stood out to me was Barth’s, as Instagram is really the only social media platform I had experienced with. The idea of streamlining base-level information and compiling primary sources onto a user-friendly Instagram page really appeals to me as a method of delving deeper into information learned in the classroom.

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