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When I was in high school many of my teachers did not use social media as a tool to use in the classroom. We were not allowed to have out our phones or even access social media while in a school setting. It amazed me why teachers did not use Twitter or Instagram in the classroom to help engage their students more with their lessons, especially in this age of technology and the advancements and changes happening in society with the use of technology. 

Schools have drilled into their student’s minds that using social media to get information for projects or papers is horrible and that someone will cyberbully you at some point. This created a type of mental block for a lot of my generation that would just think about using a social media source for a classroom setting is unimaginable. 

Alyssa Maldonado-Estrada in “Distance Learning on Insta: Using Instagram Posts & Stories to Co-Create and Share Student Ideas” amazed me with the idea of having students create new Instagram accounts and using them to respond to classroom activities, I would have loved being able to do that for my high school classes in order to create a digital footprint and understand how social media could be used for good things and that it was not all bad. 

Another example of how using social media in the classroom is a good thing is Glennw and Jordan McGaughey’s  “How to Transform the Social Studies Classroom in 140 Characters or Less: #mcss16 (Twitter),” which gives ideas of how to use Twitter in a classroom setting that would help students develop social skills not just in person but also online. It mentions using hashtags for students to comment with and how students can tweet as historical mock profiles to really engage with the class. 

Social media needs to be more involved in the school setting and help students engage both in the physical classroom and the digital one as well. Technology is now playing a huge role in society and many major events that are happening in the US and around the world are trending on social media sources everywhere. I believe this could be used as a great tool for students and teachers everywhere.

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  1. Taylor, I liked your mentioning of cyber-bullying and all of the dangers that social media was told to bring to us as children. Social media seemed to have a rough start and has had so many unfair accusations thrown at it (though some of the dangers are very real), that it seems like we need to give it a new look in the classroom. I’m hoping that enough of us can bring it into the limelight and showcase how much good it can do in a classroom!

  2. I had the same experience as you. In school, I was always told social media was a bad thing. Even Instagram and Snapchat were banned on the school wifi, and that was due to the threat of cyberbullying. I am glad you touched on that, it is still a problem but it is not nearly as bad as it was 5 years ago since there are more security measures in place on social media. Schools need to get past that notion and realize that if social media is used correctly it can be a good alternate learning tool. I do think social media can be used in the classroom but we need to have a teacher overviewing it at all times to make sure students are doing work on it rather than goofing off.

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