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According to a lot of people, including my parents and past teachers, social media is this generations biggest flaw. We’re on it too much. We don’t live in the “real world.” We only care about what’s on our screens. And worst of all, it controls our lives. These are all things I’ve heard time and again, and all by people who can only see social media as the hypothetical monkey on our back, controlling our every move and not allowing us to function as human beings. However, I think that as this wave of “social media addicted” adults are entering the professional and educational world, we have the ability to change the perception on social media.

Reading through numerous articles about the usage of social media in the classroom, one particular example stood out to me. Alyssa Maldonado-Estrada talks about using Instagram in her college classroom in ways that I, a self-admitted social media addict, had never even thought of. She was using features such as Instagram Stories as mini-PowerPoints, and using a connection between an image and a caption as an exercise for her students to analyze certain topics. These were methods of teaching that were very innovative and methods that I want to experiment with in my own classroom.

Finally, Twitter is one of the few forms of social media that I was never able to really get into. I managed to set up my Twitter account in German initially (thats a long story) and never really recovered, partly because my German is sehr schlecht. I have learned however, that this is a tool that is easily integrated into a classroom. Provided that students create a private account and encourage them to follow other historical and informative accounts, this could be a powerful tool in the classroom. There is a multitude of ways to keep students informed about current events, past events, and recent discoveries. I feel very comfortable and (after a little more playing around with Twitter) very prepared to incorporate Twitter into my future classroom.

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  1. I absolutely love the idea of using twitter or some other similar platform in the classroom. Each social media has its strengths and I think Twitter is best suited as an announcement oriented tool in the classroom. Not every student carries a planner or calendar, but most every student is able to engage with Twitter.

    Shifting topics a little, I want to focus on that last statement. One important thing to consider when thinking of using social media in the classroom is student’s access to it. It would be important to let parents know that you DO want their child on twitter or instagram. Beyond that we must consider students who don’t have regular access to the internet or devices, although the rising prominence school provided technology might make this point void while class is in session.

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