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I never have been much of a social media fan in my personal life and mostly tend to stay away from it. Even though I am not a frequent social media user I know that many people in our society are using it every day and I know that it can be a very useful resource inside the classroom. I have only had one teacher in my high school career that used social media inside the classroom and the only thing he did was show us tweets from government officials and the class discussed it.

I really liked the idea of posting student’s work on the platform for it to be reviewed by not only their classmates but maybe students from another state or country. This is an easy way for students to ask any questions or make any comments about another student’s assignment.

I also thought that Michael Clark had a great idea of using Twitter to search tweets from across the world and using Twitter’s translator to read them if they are in a different language. This would allow students to see how other people from across the globe feel about trending topics or breaking news.

Social media is a very valuable resource inside of classrooms when used properly. It is a great way for your students to connect with other students from across the world. Students are always going to be on some type of social media platform and allowing them to use it inside the classroom would probably interest them.

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  1. Howdy Ben! Couldn’t agree more with social media platforms’ ability to add viewpoints from around the globe. Thanks to technological advancements, globalism has entered most aspects of our lives, so why should education be any different? Over the years I’ve distanced myself from a lot of platforms, so I understand the indifference to a lot of these social networks. I really like your concluding thoughts as well, it’s clear these aren’t going away any time soon, so why not teach them how to use them for tools for education. Would you mind if I asked your opinion on social media’s limitations? I’ve been trying to come up with some, and besides the potential of installed filters within schools and the drive of many students, I couldn’t come up with too many.

  2. Hey Ben, first I have to say that I respect the fact that you stay away from social media. Social media can be such a negative place, so I think it is really great that you stay away from. I think using social media as a way to review a student’s work is a really cool idea because it makes it more engaging. I think Twitter is the best form of social media to use in the classroom because it is very interactive and it keeps things simple by limiting the length of a post. The biggest thing about social media in the classroom is its ability to engage the student and create a new and exciting way to learn.

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